Artist residence london

We can't believe that we're flying to London today again! Our plan was to stay in Barcelona until Monday, but something exciting came up and we're off to London again for one day. We love London and it seems that London like us as well :) This will be third time we visit since end of August and as you can see, everything is really spontaneous. This time we are flying to London due to London Fashion Week. Amazon Fashion invited us to be part of their event and Fashion Show which is taking place today! We will definitely show you what goes down on stories today and tomorrow, so be sure to check it out and we will also write about everything on the blog later!

Now we finally want to show you the hotel we stayed at on our first trip to London a few weeks back. This hotel is so beautiful and we felt so good there! We stayed at the Artist Residence for two nights. The first night we stayed at the Grand suite and the second night in a smaller room. Both rooms were very different, unique and really nice, but the Grand Suite was a dream come true! These past few weeks we've been sharing some images of this amazing Hotel on Instagram, so you've already seen how nice it is. The place has details in every corner and has a dream bath tub. Hopefully you also saw the stories we shared while we were still there. The Grand Suite was so big and we had so much space. Mauricio really loves it when there's a lot of space, because he is really tall so he feels automatically better. We had a beautiful wooden table and chairs where we worked from and an area with several sofas. I wish we could stay there for a whole week! We also had a beautiful vintage wardrobe, everything was just perfect! Apart from the dream tub, the bathroom also had two huge vintage mirrors, just amazing!

Staying at unique hotels is something that we personally really like when travelling, but this place was honestly one of the nicest we had been to for a while. It felt so good to spend the evenings in our room listening to jazz on a vintage radio after a long day of exploring the city. The staff were also really friendly from the moment we arrived, absolutely everyone working there was really nice and you could really feel that they were happy to work there. This is something that we value a lot, when people make an effort to make you feel welcome. The best part is that there are more of Artist Residence Hotels in England apart from this one. We can't wait to check out the ones in Oxford, Brighton and Cornwall.

If you guys have been there already, let us know how you liked them. We hope you enjoy the pictures, some of them you've seen already, but there are also many new ones. Now we're off to the airport, hope to come back to Barcelona soon and can't wait to see London again! Happy Weekend to all of you!